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US-5441455-A: Table game having a curved playing surface patent, US-5446748-A: Apparatus for performing logic simulation patent, US-5457271-A: Environmentally contained mobile chipper assembly patent, US-5479886-A: Engine oil capacitor patent, US-5508939-A: Method of partitioning a circuit patent, US-5515184-A: Waveguide hologram illuminators patent, US-5610185-A: Method for the treatment of hyperproliferative epithelial skin diseases by topical application of hydroxylated aromatic protein cross-linking compounds patent, US-5732405-A: Method and apparatus for performing a cache operation in a data processing system patent, US-5839878-A: Gas turbine stator vane patent, US-5893063-A: Data processing system and method for dynamically accessing an application using a voice command patent, US-5916536-A: Production of calcined alumina with a crystallite size which can be regulated with a narrow dispersion patent, US-6027292-A: Expansion anchor with tabs having a changing curvature radius patent, US-6039135-A: Machine for transport of passengers and cargo patent, US-6067442-A: Satellite communications system having distributed user assignment and resource assignment with terrestrial gateways patent, US-6082321-A: Method for controlling output pressure of an engine oil pump patent, US-6156386-A: Method for the preparation of organically modified aerogels patent, US-6182071-B1: Sorting and summing record data including generated sum record with sort level key patent, US-6198433-B1: Multiple-beam electronic scanning antenna patent, US-6261116-B1: Connector position assurance element with lock protection feature patent, US-6290621-B1: Derailleur for a bicycle patent, US-6310971-B1: Information processing method and apparatus, and storage medium storing medium storing program for practicing this method patent, US-6354112-B2: Method of depositing glass soot with controlling reaction chamber humidity to prevent accumulation of excess soot patent, US-6373979-B1: System and method for determining a level of similarity among more than one image and a segmented data structure for enabling such determination patent, US-6427339-B1: Electrical metal cutting device patent, US-6437833-B1: Automatic white balance adjusting circuit in color image display patent, US-6455657-B1: Preparation of vinyl aromatic-allylic alcohol copolymers patent, US-6515628-B2: Dual polarization patch antenna patent, US-4158316-A: Chain-drive transmission patent, US-4172309-A: Method of correcting deflection defocusing in self-converged color CRT display systems patent, US-4262451-A: Roller assembly for a sliding frame closure patent, US-4369008-A: Vehicle transport system patent, US-4400265-A: Cascade catalytic dewaxing/hydrodewaxing process patent, US-4410056-A: Hydraulic cab tilting system having full locking with controlled free-fall patent, US-4421447-A: Elevator transfer and support system patent, US-4446120-A: Method of preparing silicon from sodium fluosilicate patent, US-4469353-A: Forgery-deterrent document lamination patent, US-4477417-A: Catalyst for reducing the ignition temperature of diesel soot patent, US-4524281-A: Optical smoke detector with sensitivity adjustment patent, US-4533730-A: 1-Oxadethiacepham compounds patent, US-4546269-A: Method and apparatus for optimally tuning clock signals for digital computers patent, US-4567335-A: High speed trolley harp assembly patent, US-4721485-A: Flywheel magneto cover for marine propeller engine patent, US-4759439-A: Drive mechanism patent, US-4814824-A: Image duplicating apparatus patent, US-4817044-A: Collection and reporting system for medical appliances patent, US-4844157-A: Jar accelerator patent, US-4858996-A: Modular seating patent, US-4895531-A: Electrical contact member patent, US-4964566-A: Forced air ventilating device patent, US-4994718-A: Method and means for dimming ballasted lamps patent, US-5004230-A: Method and apparatus for exercising or testing rotary torso muscles patent, US-5007849-A: Signal line connecting structure for a keyboard of electronic apparatus patent, US-5042659-A: Case for magnetic tape cassette patent, US-5075842-A: Disabling tag bit recognition and allowing privileged operations to occur in an object-oriented memory protection mechanism patent, US-5138219-A: Optical interference coating and lamps using same patent, US-5140662-A: Method of assembling connector and cable patent, US-5178313-A: Pneumatic shoe for high speed filamentary capstan patent, US-5308660-A: Well drilling tool patent, US-5362239-A: Mapping and geographic locator system patent, US-5393060-A: Game piece randomizer patent, US-5409464-A: Intravascular catheter having barrier valve patent, US-5412810-A: Helmet for riding vehicle patent, US-5424227-A: Method of manufacture of silicon-germanium heterobipolar transistors patent, US-5438128-A: Method for rapid purifiction of nucleic acids using layered ion-exchange membranes patent, US-5450266-A: Superconducting fault current limiter patent, US-5521940-A: Method and device for the compression and decompression of data in a transmission system patent, US-5582256-A: Wheel blocking for an implement for ground treatment patent, US-5605310-A: Supporting device for a golfbag patent, US-5669439-A: Laminated type heat exchanger patent, US-5809156-A: Sound reproduction device with active noise compensation patent, US-5831662-A: Near on-demand digital information delivery system and method using signal fragmentation and sequencing to reduce average bandwidth and peak bandwidth variability patent, US-5851892-A: Fabrication sequence employing an oxide formed with minimized inducted charge and/or maximized breakdown voltage patent, US-5886694-A: Method for automatically laying out controls in a dialog window patent, US-5909892-A: Self-aligning trailer hitch arrangement patent, US-5957647-A: Containers patent, US-5980958-A: Fungal food patent, US-6055368-A: Batch execution control programming device and method patent, US-6061208-A: Magnetic disc device with stopper on carriage to limit rotational movement of support spring patent, US-6199586-B1: Single-control mixing valve patent, US-6238845-B1: Method of forming lead frames with preformation support patent, US-6314623-B1: Coil-type slide fastener patent, US-6321591-B1: Method and apparatus for measuring spray from a liquid dispensing system patent, US-6365537-B1: Two-component supported catalysts and their use for gas-phase polymerization patent, US-6386715-B2: Mirror projection system for a scanning lithographic projection apparatus, and lithographic apparatus comprising such a system patent, US-6432257-B1: Dresser for polishing cloth and method for manufacturing such dresser and polishing apparatus patent, US-6433726-B1: Fractional decimation filter using oversampled data patent, US-6448246-B1: Substituted 4H-1,4-benzothiazine-2-carboxamide: GABA brain receptor ligands patent, US-6508774-B1: Hifu applications with feedback control patent, US-6519259-B1: Methods and apparatus for improved transmission of voice information in packet-based communication systems patent, US-6550567-B2: Electric power steering apparatus patent, US-6626647-B2: Radial piston pump patent, US-3788507-A: Materials handling scoop patent, US-3888450-A: Vibration absorbing mounting element patent, US-3956085-A: Method for the manufacture of a tool-set for the forming of sheet metal objects patent, US-3957640-A: Liquid filter patent, US-3962898-A: Apparatus for the manufacture of wire patent, US-4032468-A: Hydrolytically stable urethane foam precursors patent, US-4081115-A: Fishing rod support belt patent, US-4145857-A: Base for mounting electrical equipment patent, US-4312435-A: Safety devices for mechanically operated apparatus such as a punch press patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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